Christmas Crafts & GF Christmas Cookies

Here we go with ten days of fun and creativity!!

The crafts are pretty simple and goofy sometimes-- but will click into your creative side, and should be relaxing and fun to do by yourself or with a couple of close folks.

The cookie recipes are all gluten free and vegan.  If you make a couple of dozen and freeze a dozen, you will have enough cookies for a party around Christmas where they ARE ALL GLUTENFREE!

Here we go:

Day 1 Craft is HERE   Craft= Folded Pages Angel Cookies=GF Thumbprints       

Day 2 Craft is HERE   Craft= Mittens with Greens Cookies= GF Peppernuts

Day 3 Craft is HERE   Craft=Grinch Bath Soak  Cookies=GF Pumpkin Hermits

Day 4 Craft is HERE Craft=NoKnitTreeOrnamentsCookies=Hemp-CranberryBalls  

Day 5 Craft is HERE   Craft=Lightbulb Ornaments Cookies=GF Grinch Cookies

Day 6 Craft is HERE   Craft=Mini-Christmas Trees Cookies=GF Nanaimo Bars

Day 7 Craft is HERE   Craft=Snow Flakes          Cookies= GF Walnut Gingerbread

Day 8 Craft is HERE Craft=ChristmasCardBookMark Cookies=CrispyRiceTreats

Day 9 Craft is HERE Craft=Tissue "Stained Glass" Cookies=GF Snickerdoodles

Day 10 Craft is HERE
Here is my go at the snowflake craft (Day #7) :

I would love to include a photo of your craft adventure or cookies here on this page.  Just leave me a message under the page you did the craft on and we will get in touch!

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