Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Recipes for 3 Make-It-Yourself Gluten-Free Energy Bars

My husband went on an 8-10 day trail hike with a friend (called the North Coast Trail - Vancouver Island) and I busily pounded out "light" (meaning not heavy to carry)dehydrated smoothies and other snacks and soups, etc., for him to pack along. These three do-it-yourself recipes for Energy Bars seem like they would be good items to have during the first couple of days (they really should be refrigerated and he did NOT be toting along a fridge, so these are 'transitional' snacks)... that is, if they actually made it to the trail at all ;)

The Links to the  Recipes for the Make-It-Yourself Gluten-Free Energy Bars are below:

(1) Oat Energy Bars (make sure to get  GF oats if you are coeliac or particularly gluten-sensitive) Go see the recipe HERE (picture above)

(2) PB2 ChocolateChip Quinoa Energy Bars (Quinoa pronounced KEEN-wah) From Delicious As It Looks: And don't they look yummy?

(3) Sesame-Hemp-Sunflower Seed (Getcher Free Omegas!) From Deryn at Running On Raw Food

  (I am so happy to say-- years later-- that my husband had a wonderful memorable hike on the North Island Trail and came home healthy and injury-free)

Below are a couple of photos of the North Coast Trail (thanks to the Gallery at  I'm more than a little anxious about him going on this hike since it is true wilderness (he won't see a store or maybe not even a game warden for a week+ and he might see a bear or cougar or... but our younger son (40) says "Mom, he'll be okay-- he's a big boy".  I have to go on that I guess.)
Kelp on Nissen Bight - photo courtesy of user Clayoquot cc by-SA 3.0
Christensen Coast Tide Pools photo courtesy of user Clayoquot cc by-SA 3.0
Crossing the Strandby River (Cape Scott) by Cable Tram photo courtesy of user Clayoquot cc by-SA 3.0
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