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The Health Benefits of Peaches and 15 Luscious GF Recipes

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Red Haven Peaches
Back to the Peaches-- we live on beautiful Vancouver Island, the mid->North area, but our soil (mountainside gravel) and an abundance of rain make it more likely that we grow remarkable wild blackberries, blueberries, rosemary, figs even-- but not so much peaches or apricots or even cherries (although there are some wonderful older Bing cherry trees about).  Ah well, we do have them coming into our stores and we have the blessings of Okanagan which trucks the fruit and veggies in here from the sunnier, drier Okanagan (BC's interior) on a weekly basis during the growing season.  The organic peaches they sell are so yummy and perfect-looking and competitively-priced with the stores (i.e., cheaper). They come off the trees one or two days before they arrive here, so they are practically "local". We love their drippy lusciousness!

Health Benefits of Organic Peaches
Now, please note that I use the word "organic" and not just "peaches".  As it happens, peaches that are not organically grown are on what is called The Dirty Dozen List -- produce that has been heavily sprayed and is therefore not recommended for healthy consumption.  When deciding what to buy organic and what to save some money buying from the conventionally-grown bins, buy organic from the Dirty Dozen List and have greater assurance of health for you and your family.

  1. Peaches are an excellent source of the mineral Potassium.  With a  shortage of potassium you will be tired all the time, anxious, exhibit skin eruptions, and possibly develop an irregular heartbeat.  Problems remembering, congestive heart failure and high blood pressure are all tags for possible potassium deficiency.  People who are on diuretics, or who experience chronic bowel issues (including frequent diarrhea) or who sweat profusely are most apt to have a potassium shortage and experience the above medical signals.
  2. Peaches are high in Beta-Carotene, changed to Vitamin A by the body.  Individuals with a diet high in whole food sources of Vitamin A are less likely to develop cataracts.
  3. Lycopene and Lupein in Peaches are the object of several studies showing that these antioxidant carotenoid compounds can reduce the risk of macular degeneration, some cancers, and heart disease.
  4. Peaches are high in Fibre, keeping the colon clean and able to absorb other nutrients-- and preventing colon cancer.
  5. Peaches are high in Vitamin C-- the super antioxidant immunity builder and cancer-fighter.
  6. Peaches are a good source of Iron which is necessary to metabolism, the building of neurotransmitters, building and maintaining the oxygen-carrying red blood cells, and creating antibodies.
  7. Peaches just taste dreamy!  Have you ever met anyone who didn't love peaches?  A fresh ripe juicy peach is sweet enough to ward off any cravings for processed sugars.  It makes a lovely addition to any meal, or a meal in itself.
And now...ta dah!  the 15 LUSCIOUS PEACH RECIPES- Gluten-Free and Vegan

The first star recipe-- Gluten-free, Vegan and uncooked-- is the Kid-Friendly Peach Cobbler you will find at

Many kids today are gluten intolerant or have coeliac disease.  This recipe is bound to be a big hit with everyone!

GF Peach and Mulberry Cake


Yummmy- yum yum.. baked GF Peach and Mulberry Cake-- it is dairy-free but not vegan (2 eggs). You could use egg-replacement if you want it to be vegan.  For 1 egg, blend 1 Tablespoon of flax meal with 3 Tablespoons of warm water.  OR try for every egg, use 3 tablespoons of all natural applesauce. And if you have no mulberries, you can use other berries instead.
Find this recipe at 


Peaches and Cream is a classic, and this is a tasty GF Vegan version of that-- a delectable smoothie made with real coconut milk (with instructions on how to do that) and celery (it's a Green Smoothie-- but I promise there is no "off" taste because of the celery-- au contraire, you will find it peachy and fresh!

Find the recipe at

There are quite a few recipes for Salsa out there that use peaches-- but this recipe takes it a step upward and uses a refinement over the usual white vinegar (which, by the way, can be quite a noxious acidic substance you can buy at the Dollar Store) with balsamic... this is also used as a "bruschetta" or a savoury spread for a crisp bread or cracker. Very elegant and delicious.  Find the recipe here:

When you begin to add flowers-- in this case, Lavender-- to salads, you often discover the line between 'adventurous' foodies and the 'more conservative' eaters.  Gluten-free Quinoa is always tasty in salads and this Lavender-Peach-Quinoa Salad looks fabulous.  There is goat cheese in this salad, so you may want to leave it out to make it a 'vegan' dish.  Find the recipe at 


mmm... this Gluten Free Peach Coffee Cake looks just decadent-- sweet and yummy!  I don't drink coffee but I would, for a piece of this!  To make it vegan,  for 1 egg, blend 1 Tablespoon of flax meal with 3 Tablespoons of warm water OR try for every egg, use 3 tablespoons of all natural applesauce. You can also use some of the commercial preparations.  Enjoy!  You will find the recipe at

Suzie's Pickled Peaches recipe for people who want to try everything they can with their peaches.  If you are a peach grower, just collect together all the little guys that aren't much of a mouthful and prepare the syrup... looks like a quick and easy process.  Find the recipe here:


This tasty Peach Jam has vanilla pods as an ingredient.  For the recipe go to

Lovely Gluten-Free Peach Pancakes...

These look lovely and sweet-- special for Breakfast In Bed I think!

The Glutenfree Goddess calls her lovely peach ice (left) Vegan Peach Ice Scream  She uses Coconut Milk and lots of cut-up Peach pieces... yum!

Gluten-Free Vegan Peach Upside Down Cake with vegan whipped cream!  Drooling here!


Pretty Peach Soup!

How refreshing this must be!  I wonder what it would taste like with a few scrapes of ginger?  Find the recipe at


This luscious photography is killing me!
Here we have Freezer-Friendly Ginger Biscuits with Peaches and Cream (Gluten-Free and Vegan)


Peaches 'n' Oatmeal.  Of course.  Simply delicious! Part of a strategy to get kids to eat breakfast-- and it works I'm sure!


Peach and Berries Flambe!  Ending with a bang! Substitute Coconut Oil for the Butter and it will be Vegan.

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