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Friday, June 3, 2011

How does Gluten in the Diet Affect Children?

I am no longer a parent to dependent children, but now I am a grandparent to two of the most adorable and delicate and bright little girls you will ever meet ("Grandma Licence to Brag" here)and it seems that I stress as much over them as I did over our two boys, maybe more. And they just happen to have highly intelligent, highly responsible parents who lovingly look after them.

Nowadays I hear about all the ADHD, autism, and even depression that affect children and I shudder. I double up on my prayers.

Does Gluten have an affect on children's brains?  Does it result in ADHD and Autism?

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN, is certain that it does! Some time ago she carefully poured over the mountains of research on the subject and published a journal article about some of the neurodevelopmental (read: brain development) effects that result because of gluten in the diets of gluten-sensitive and -intolerant young children.

Dr. Ritamarie has passionately continued with her research on the effects of gluten on children's brain development, and has assisted thousands of parents in helping their children make necessary eating changes so as to improve their children's behaviours, their school performance, and many other aspects of life.

Now you can listen to an excellent BlogRadio program with Dr. Ritamarie discussing her research and successful experiences with children who have been sidelined by Gluten. This program on BlogRadio launches June as "Kids' Health Month".

Click HERE to listen to Dr. Ritamarie's BlogRadio program (approximately 1 hour in length).

Disclaimer:This blog reflects my own personal beliefs about the health benefits of being gluten-free. I am not a Medical or Health Care professional and any information or products contained in this blog are not meant to replace your responsibility to consult with the appropriate health care provider about your own circumstances and concerns. I am also an affiliate for many of the products promoted on this site meaning that I get a commission if you click and purchase. Thank you for supporting my continued ability to provide information through this website.

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