Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Haystacks-- A Quick Gluten-Free Meal

This is an Indian styled Haystack Salad courtesy Wikipedia
When I became a Seventh-day Adventist I was introduced to "keeping the Sabbath", the wonderful Biblical truths around Heaven and the "state of the dead", and a fast, delicious salad called "Haystacks".  It's a sort of vegetarian taco or Mexican salad, so you know it's comfort food.  And it can certainly be quickly made to be a gluten-free meal.

There are lots of ways to put the haystacks together, but my personal favourite combination goes something like this:

  • Place a handful or two of fresh organic corn chips(fresh as in out of an unopened bag) on your plate.  Some like to crush them first... I like to use mine as scoops, so I keep them complete. (Alternately, as in photo, use rice)
  • Pile on a chosen quanitity of grated cheese (dairy or soy)
  • Cover cheese with piping hot (oven-baked) beans or lentils 
  • Add other layers consisting of lettuce, sliced black olives, snips of green onion, sweet pepper strips, sprouts, diced tomato, finely-chopped celery, chopped cucumber, corn niblets, etc.
  • I've seen cooked rice or quinoa used in a layer just under or over the beans, perhaps instead of chips
  • Top with a couple of scoops of sour cream, salsa (your hotness), and maybe a cherry tomato on top...
  • It strikes me (although I've never seen it done) that fine-chopped fresh cabbage would be a more authentic choice than lettuce
We have a haystacks potluck this coming weekend at our Church.  People just bring 'toppings' of choice and everyone makes their own haystack as they go through the line-up.  It's a quick, easy, delicious, fun meal!

Looking for a great vegetarian dish to serve your family or take to a potluck? 

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