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Friday, January 14, 2011

GF Taco Shells or Pizza Crust (Raw- Dehydrated)

Besides being gluten-free, this recipe for taco shells or pizza crust is "raw" or "living" meaning that it will not be heated above 110 degrees and therefore the natural digestive enzymes in the whole foods that are used to make the crust or shell are still in place (not destroyed by heat)-- to serve you with great nutritional benefits and digestion!  *be sure you are not allergic to corn before beginning-- corn, unfortunately, is one of those chief allergens.

You will need a way to dehydrate this crust/shell.  Some people have success in their convection ovens, and those who have hot prevailing temperatures outdoors could  put the crust in an outdoor dehydrator or just in the sun itself.  It will take much longer, likely, but you could also eat it without its being completely dried I suppose.  I personally love my Excalibur dehydrator with its nine trays and hundreds of hours of service to me (I've paid for it over and over just by the money I've saved in drying food that I would pay an arm and a leg for at the health food store).

So, here is this simple recipe, an adaptation of one of Annette Larkins in her useful little book called "Journey to Health2".Journey To Health 2


10 Cobs Fresh Corn
1 T. Raw Honey
Husk the corn, wash it off, and remove the kernels from the cobs.  Add the corn and the honey to your Vitamix canister (or other strong blenders should work).  Using the dehydrator sheets, or parchment paper, pour 6 individual circles of blended corn/honey onto 6 separate sheets/trays.  Dehydrate for 24 hours at 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  Dry for five hours more after peeling from the paper and turning the pizza/taco over.  Fold for taco shells.

Disclaimer:This blog reflects my own personal beliefs about the health benefits of being gluten-free. I am not a Medical or Health Care professional and any information or products contained in this blog are not meant to replace your responsibility to consult with the appropriate health care provider about your own circumstances and concerns.
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