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Gluten Sensitivity: How To Heal Depression

by Danny Vierra

Dear Friends: Last week I wrote about my battle with celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance. One of the symptoms I struggled with was depression. Thank God that by simply eliminating four grains my symptoms
disappeared including the depression. At times the depression was so severe that I even had suicidal thoughts. I nearly checked myself into the local hospital because I felt so weak and depressed. There were times my friends accused me of having a dual or split personality.

This week I want to specifically address depression. Depression is a condition that affects your thoughts, moods, feelings, behavior and physical health. Depression can cause pain for you and those around you. There are two classic symptoms of depression: 1) a loss of interest in everyday activities that one usually enjoys, and 2) a depressed mood where one feels sad and hopeless, and may have frequent episodes of crying. I know these symptoms well, for I would have many days where I would fight to hold back the tears. It took me years to learn it was, in fact, an allergic reaction to eating gluten.

Another time I became very depressed was when I went through divorce after 22 years of marriage. I will never forget the awful scene when I watched my five children moan with pain when my ex-wife told them the news. This scene and the loss of the marriage threw me into a period of deep depression. Depression can cause sleep problems, impaired concentration and memory, weight changes, restlessness or agitation, fatigue, low self esteem, decreased sex drive, persistent thoughts of suicide or death. One may also experience anxiety with the depression. In addition, a variety of physical problems and symptoms may be experienced like: headache, backache, and especially digestive problems like constipation and poor bowel function. Another problem is antidepressant medications can cause depression and increased thoughts of suicide, according to the FDA. Besides the drugs are toxic to the liver. Depression is twice as common in women. It is the leading cause of disability with women. I have met a number of women that suffered from depression and hormone imbalance was the issue. Once the hormones were balanced the depression was gone. Before I tell you how I overcame depression, I want to first talk to you about drug medications.

Drugs Never Cure the Problem, but only Mask the Symptoms

On the other hand, when you replenish the GABA, the symptoms subside rather rapidly. It is kind of like withdrawing money from the bank, but never making a deposit. You become bankrupt of GABA with resulting anxiety. Taking the GABA and l-theanine helped me so much that I even discontinued the supplement once my reserves were built back up. It also contains L-Theanine, an amino acid in green tea and other foods, that is a precursor to GABA. It also contains Relora, a calming herb that improves your well being, and magnesium which is a natural relaxant and calms the nerves. Information from the San Francisco Medical Research Foundation says: "Anxiety and depression may be the result of shortages of key brain chemicals that can be restored naturally. Give the brain the amino acids it needs and feel your mind start to glow again. "If you're one of the millions who suffer from anxiety or depression, the next time you reach for the Valium or Prozac, consider amino acids as an alternative instead-- these protein building blocks may be the key to reversing long-standing anxiety and depression, according to Harold Whitcomb, M.D., and biochemical nutritionist Phyllis Bronson. They regularly prescribe amino acids for their clients at the Aspen (Colorado) Clinic for Preventive and Environmental Medicine. Mood, behavior, and brain biochemistry are intricately linked. Depression and anxiety may be the result of flawed message-sending in the biochemical brain, flawed because key brain chemicals called neurotransmitters are in short supply.

They're short because the body's amino acid pool (from which they're made) is itself low. For example, deficiencies in the amino acid GABA are strongly correlated with states of anxiety. Add to this the negative effect of high levels of heavy metals commonly found in the body. Aluminum, mercury, lead, and copper can make the body toxic, interfere with brain function, and contribute to depression and anxiety, say Whitcomb and Bronson. "Shore up the amino acid pool with the deficient or missing elements and flush the toxic metals out of the body and you start seeing dramatic improvements in both depression and anxiety," report Whitcomb and Bronson. "By using supplements of the amino acids that make up specific neurotransmitters, you can actually change the nature and intensity of the brain messages they carry and thus the emotions they affect." I have seen people with chronic depression improve at BellaVita in a few days when following the program. I believe there are multiple reasons for this:

1) Detoxification of drug residues, heavy metals, parasites, and old fecal waste that poison the blood are removed.
2) Exercise, fresh air, and sunshine help fight depression. Sunshine is a natural remedy that does much to fight depression and the "winter blues."
3) A super nutrition program with lots of fresh organic live foods and juices.
4) All animal and dairy products are eliminated and only live produce is served.
5) Fasting for five days on only fresh juices, while detoxifying all the elimination organs with wildcrafted and organic herbs.
6) Coffee enemas to detoxify the liver in minutes and help rid the liver of drug residues.
7) Daily prayer and Bible study. The Word of God is a healer, and Jesus is the True Physician.
8) Positive mental attitude, love, encouragement, and forgiveness are emphasized.
9) Saunas and ozone jacuzzis. Elimination of toxins through the skin via saunas and skin brushing and oxygenation of the tissues with ozone.
10) Herbal alternatives like Nerve Formula and Serenity Formula that contain natural Serotonin increasers and calming herbs. And much more.

I believe the miracles happen when you practice all of these natural remedies at once. Your body and brain rebalance. I have seen this happen many, many times. Guests who come in tears, walk out after only ten days joyful and happy to be alive.

The natural alternative formulas that I personally keep close to me are:
1) a Natural B-Complex with herbs called Unstress. It is made from whole food concentrates so the absorption factor and bioavailability is much higher than a synthetic supplement. I keep a bottle at home, at work, and in my car. It works fast, and a deficiency of B-complex can set off a whole host of symptoms, with depression being one. So many women have thanked me for this product and use it on a daily basis.
2) I also keep on hand Nerve Formula. This is an herbal formula that contains valarian. It is a muscle relaxant and and works in minutes. Nerve Formula takes that edge off fast. I call it my natural valium. It is absolutely wonderful and the perfect remedy when you are slammed by a stressful situation and need an immediate fix.
3) Serenity Formula is a herbal product that increases seratonin levels. It contains St. John's Wort. Many peple have substituted their Prozac with St. John's Wort with good results. This product works very quickly and effectively. Consult your physician first.
4) Theanine Serene which I mentioned earlier. Great for anxiety and fights depression fast!

I hope this article has been a blessing for many of you, because I know, too well, the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Please continue to pray for that perfect peace that comes from Jesus and the soothing balm from the Holy Spirit.
 God bless you, Danny

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